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What you see above is my redesign of Amazon's seller page.

This came as a result of a class assignment where the professor challenged us to determine what does not work with the current site and optimize the user experience with this in mind.

This assignment made me truly realize that simply because something is designed a certain way, there is always a way to improve it. No matter the scale and normalized standards, everything can be questioned and iterated upon.

With this, I present:

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"Parental Controls:" a necessity in this digital age, yet difficult to standardize on a wife-spread scale.

My team and I reconsidered what parental controls fundamentally meant and we arrived at the definition of stimulus control with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship.

User testing allowed us the insight to create Mode Remote, which you see below in a mockup I created after extensive research on iOS design standards. The objective was to mimic the iOS environment so precisely that users would feel comfortable responding to the function of the setting as opposed to the aesthetic.

P1 Mode Remote.png
P2 Mode Remote.png
P3 Mode Remote.png
P4 Mode Remote.png
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Mode Remote allows a primary iCloud account holder to remotely control the privileges of other devices linked to the same iCloud account.

The primary holder can create unique modes that limit the usage and access to applications of the recipient iOS device. With this, parents and children can determine together what apps are needed when with parents ultimately retaining authority at the end of the day.

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