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In my time as a marketing intern for Blueprint, I've watched the company grow from a small startup to a powerhouse in the restaurant industry.

As a marketing intern, I had a few key responsibilities:

  1. Design websites for restaurants that may not even have a logo, let alone digital assets,

  2. Strategize, design and execute marketing campaigns for multiple restaurants at one time,

  3. Run ad campaigns on social media platforms to promote customer acquisition.

You can see above the before and after process for designing one of these sites, but let's go a little more in depth, shall we?

Web Design | Blueprint: Project


This is a custom designed website for Ameer Kabob, a Chicago favorite for authentic Mediterranean cuisine. 

This site, like many others I created, followed a heavy process of research prior to the execution. My job was to be the restaurant and present them just as they would present themselves. I had to maintain the brand of each and every restaurant. And so, that's what I did for all of these restaurants and more:

Web Design | Blueprint: Video
Web Design | Blueprint: Pro Gallery

This design process would range from restaurant to restaurant, with some having full galleries of professional food photography and others not even having a logo (leading me to then design one, such as I did for Herm's Palace and Sahara's Turkish Cuisine which can be seen above).

Using Google Analytics and A/B testing, we were able to identify the primary strengths and weaknesses of each website, thus allowing the team to continue iterating to site for maximum conversions.

Web Design | Blueprint: Text


But, the work for restaurants does not end at their website.

We had to get people there first. This is where our marketing drip campaigns came in. 

Below you'll see  a postcard I designed to be the center of a campaign designed to acquire nearby business to turn to Firehouse Grill for all of their company-event related needs.

Postcard v2.png
Web Design | Blueprint: Image


With these two approaches being prioritized, my third responsibility tied everything together so that all of our marketing efforts for each restaurant would be as effective as possible: digital social media ad campaigns.

From Google Ads to Sendgrid Email to Facebook Ads to a plethora of other outlets, I had the opportunity to design enticing ads to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Feel free to have a look below at some of the work I did for this! 

Web Design | Blueprint: Text
Web Design | Blueprint: Pro Gallery


I was able to do so much with Blueprint and build my fundamental knowledge and interest in marketing, advertising and design. I am excited to see what comes next...

Web Design | Blueprint: Text
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